NOCI is a cerebral film, tv, commercial, and digital content creation and production company that partners with brands, advertising teams, and other creative visionaries.  With offices in Los Angeles & Chicago, our directors, producers, and DP’s  have conceptualized and manifested cinematic content for major companies such as Fremantle Media North America, Hulu, Spike TV, independent feature and short films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, branded entertainment, and high end sizzle reels, and even Jeopardy! champions!

Our culture is based on symbiotic creative fuel and golden middles that seek to eliminate ego and chaos during a production’s life cycle, while delivering outstanding content and a high ROI for both big boy brands as well as startups and indies.

English, Spanish , and Russian language productions are currently within our global scalability.

“NOCI” translates to “night” in a lot of languages and our founder Yuri Rutman decided to evolve from his night owl creative juices flowing into our company name synonymous with limitless creativity.

But talk is easy.  And our walk is priceless.

See our amazing work below, get blown away, and then empowered to connect with us to make your vision go from dreams to reality.

We recommend you watch these in Vimeo FULL SCREEN mode to really experience the experience!